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Venice, Italy, Like a Local

March 27, 2015

Venice: Local Host Style

Picture this: You spend hours booking your trip-of-a-lifetime…planning, arranging, coordinating, and you get there, and you’re standing at the airport not sure what to do next.

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We’ve all been there, stressed, stuck in a foreign country and you aren’t sure how to communicate with anyone. You feel like all that time and effort you put into booking your trip is going down the drain…and even when you figure out how to get around, you’re wasting your time standing in line at the must-see sites because you didn’t realize that you’d be there at the exact same time as every other tourist. And as much as you’ve done your research, you aren’t sure where to eat that isn’t filled with tourists when all you want is a small local café.

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Now picture this: With one click of a button, your entire trip is planned. Someone is waiting for you at the airport or train station to transfer you to your hand selected hotels in the center of the city. You have a local giving you advice on where to go based on your desires, and they give you their phone number in case you have questions. You have a friend in a foreign country, and they’re there to help make your vacation…flawless.

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Meet Dajana: A Local Host® in Venice. Her job is to help Monograms travelers bring home memorable experiences, and she loves when they tell her “We’ll come back!” and they do! From the moment you meet Dajana when she picks you up at the train station or airport, you know you’ve made the right decision in choosing Monograms. Venice is known as the “City of Water,” and thankfully, Dajana organized your transfers to the hotel by water taxi. Along the way, she explains to you the “magic signs.” “Get lost” is her suggestion to you, because with the knowledge you just gained from her, you now know how to find your way around the city.

signs 1

You get settled into the hotel, and enjoy a night in the city. The next morning, Dajana meets with you to give you a Destination Guide which includes:Destination-Guide

  • Maps, Local Host contact information
  • Local Host picks
  • Tips and helpful hints for Italy
  • Transportation guide
  • Destination Venice
  • Transfer letter
  • Information about activities and excursions
  • Program for sightseeing; suggestions for the rest of the day
  • List of restaurants

Dajana will ask you what interests you. Museums? She’ll tell you where to go and when so you miss the crowds. Wine? She’ll tell you about the quaint restaurant you can walk to that only locals know about. Are you here with kids? Dajana will suggest beaches they’ll enjoy. Is this your honeymoon? Dajana will make sure you get to spend quality time with each other and don’t have to worry about a thing.

And now, let the sightseeing begin.


Watch skilled glassblowers fashion their delicate objects in the age-old manner and learn why glassmaking was so important in Venetian history.



gondola building

We take a ride on gondolas, but first, learn the art that goes into making them.

Walk through Sotoportegos


gondolas in water

venice gondola ride mel

venice mel
venice mel 2
Venetian Lagoon

Venetian Lagoon 3

What do guests love about traveling with Monograms?

  • Their free time
  • A person to refer to in each city
  • Flexibility and the ability to customize their itinerary
  • Stressless way of traveling
  • Seeing the most important sites with a knowledgeable local guide in a stressless way

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Travelers LOVE this way of travel, and here’s proof:

“It went above and beyond our expectations”

“Great organization and transfers, high quality service and professionalism by local guides and local hosts”

“Relaxing way to go; no hustle and bustle”

“Great care from local hosts from the beginning to the end of our stay”

“Everything went so smooth I will recommend it to my friends…”

So what are you waiting for?

A Local Host has the keys to the city. Let Dajana open it for you!

Looking forward to seeing you in Venice! --Dajana

Looking forward to seeing you in Venice! –Dajana