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February 9, 2016

6 Places to Fall in Love in Paris & Rome

Rome, Italy, Pincio Hill

Paris and Rome were chosen as the world’s most romantic cities. We’ve asked our Local Hosts are where the best places to fall in love in Paris and Rome to help you take your romances to the next level!


Luxembourg Garden, France

Luxembourg Garden, France

Paris has been called the “City of Love” for as long as we can remember. It might be due to the world-class dining, incredible wines, scenic landscapes and cobblestone streets. These Local Host picks are the most romantic they city has to offer:

Place Dauphine

At the tip of the Ille de la Cité, this is one of the prettiest and most romantic places in Paris. A tranquil spot where red brick buildings fade into gray cobblestoned paths, “intimate” and “secret” are two words that come to mind to couples strolling through this city square.

Place de Furstenberg

Lit-up at night by a five-globe streetlamp, the place de Furstenberg is one of the most picturesque and charming squares in the world. Here, travelers may feel like they can magically transport back to 17th century Paris, walking hand-in-hand at twilight.

Luxembourg Garden

Perfect for couples looking for a quiet getaway within the city’s walls, Luxembourg Garden offers couples with 23 acres of formal terraces, chestnut groves and lush lawns: The perfect backdrop to fall in love.


View from Pincio Hill

View from Pincio Hill

Rome and romance: It’s almost as if the two words were meant to go together. Rome is a city that inspires love: From sunsets behind St. Peter’s dome to a midnight stroll past Trevi Fountain. Here are a few places Rome locals – also known as Monograms’ Local Hosts – chose as their favorite spots to fall in love:


This medieval neighborhood is a favorite among locals, boasting romantic cobblestone streets and alleyways, dominated by the 12th century Basilica di Santa Maria

Pincio Hill

What’s more romantic than a panoramic view of the city, Popolo Square at your feet, a glass of wine and sunset? Nothing.

Cimitero Acattolico

A cemetery by American standards may not seem romantic, but this one is home to some of the most famous and important graves found anywhere in the world, including poets Shelley and Keats. Quote the latter while walking through beautiful monuments and ornate headstones: “Love is my religion – I could die for it.”

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