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December 29, 2016

5 Places You Should Visit in 2017

Our top destinations for 2017 are focused on getting away from it all: Exploring new, untouched or secluded locations that allow you to disconnect from Wi-fi and reconnect with nature… and yourself!

Colombia – For a vibrant and colorful trip to paradise, visit Colombia. Devoid of crowds of tourists, Colombia’s colonial charm, lush jungles and white sandy beaches are left to you and the locals to enjoy. You’ll love the friendliness and hospitality of the people and the easy-going pace of life.


New Zealand – For a jaw-dropping adventure, visit New Zealand. Truly a playground for thrill-seekers and nature-lovers, New Zealand is ridden with stunning waterfalls, mountains, glaciers and beaches. The landscape is diverse enough that you can surf and ski… in the same day!


Myanmar – For an authentic and raw cultural experience, visit Myanmar. Largely untouched by Western culture, Burmese traditions have remained steadfast, making a visit here feel a bit like stepping back in time.


Switzerland – For a charming and quaint, yet equally breathtaking escape, visit Switzerland. You’ll be stunned by the contrast between the drama of the sheer rock faces that the Swiss have the audacity to call mountains and the rolling green valleys below, dotted with cows and colorful wildflowers.


Iceland – For a chance to admire some of nature’s great wonders, visit Iceland. Explore ice caves, go for a dip in a striking thermal lagoon or admire the magnificent colors of the Northern Lights. The best part? Iceland is closer than you think … Less than a six hour flight from NYC!