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November 28, 2017

Hassle Free Rome and Venice

By Jennifer Dombrowski | Posted to Luxe Adventure Traveler

When it comes to travel, there are pretty much two camps of people: those who love to research and plan every detail and those who want a holiday without any of the hassle of actually planning it. I’m firmly planted in the first camp. I love devouring every blog, book and resource I can get my hands on when researching a trip. But, if the number of emails and comments we get is any indication, the cheese stands alone in that love of trip planning. Even Tim hates trip planning and just wants to show up with all the details taken care of for him. So when Monograms, a hybrid of a travel agent meets tour operator, asked me to be part of their campaign and participate in a hassle free Rome and Venice package trip, I was intrigued enough to give it a try.

The first time I planned a trip to Italy, Facebook only existed for Ivy League college students, the iPhone hadn’t even been invented yet and planning a trip meant a lot of hours tearing through every guide book in the travel section of Barnes & Noble. And in a time when the internet was just barely a teenager, there was no such thing as booking skip the line tickets online.

A few years later, Tim and I moved to Italy and all the quirky things us Americans never deal with in the good ‘ol US of A became just normal, daily life. I mean, I would never think to ask for a receipt for the $2 ice cream cone from the Tasty Freeze. But in Italy, walking away with your gelato but no receipt could turn those two scoops into a very costly treat.

We tend to forget that things in Europe are very different from back home in the US. And that traveling, even in Western Europe, can be stressful or even a bit scary for a lot of people.

Enter Monograms.

Cicchetti at Osteria al Squero