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The Truth About Traveling in Europe

January 21, 2020

The Stress-Free Way to Travel to These 9 European Destinations

By: Megan Ribbens / Reposted from www.tripstodiscover.com


Globetrotting with your loved ones is a dream come true — until you realize your vacation styles are totally different. Planning all the logistics and keeping everyone in your group happy can be a daunting task. With Monograms expert travel planning, you can lose yourself in your vacation without getting lost because your hotel, transportation, sightseeing and more is arranged for you, all tailored to your personal preferences to ensure everyone has a great time. The unmatched insider guidance helps connect you with your destination, so you can experience the city like a local and enjoy VIP access to top attractions. The hand-selected hotels ensure a stress-free stay and the Monograms Local Hosts help create personalized itineraries. You can even utilize Monograms YourWay to customize your stay from two to five nights in select destinations to create your perfect vacation package. See how Monograms can simplify your vacation to these popular European destinations, so all you have to worry about is having fun.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conquer the capital of the Netherlands while appealing to the tastes of your whole party with the help of the expert itineraries from Monograms. Explore the city as the Dutch do and rent a bicycle for the day. See the city on two wheels as you tour several districts in one day, making sure everyone in your family gets to see their top attraction. The Hop On-Hop Off bus tour offers the chance to see many of the city’s major sites like the Rembrandt House, Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, or stop by a windmill that now houses a brewery. But you simply can’t miss the quintessential glass-top boat tours of Amsterdam’s beautiful canal district with its enchanting bridges. Everyone in your group can admire their top spots in the city and you may learn a thing or two on the tour too, like why the iconic tilting houses along the waterways are called “dancing houses.” You’ll get an even better deal if you book your trip in November while Monograms is offering 15 percent off your trip plus a $100 air credit on select Amsterdam vacation packages.A couple posed by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

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Paris, France

Filled with old-world charm, breathtaking views and intimate restaurants at every corner, it’s no wonder Paris is considered one of the world’s most romantic cities. Couples flock to Paris to pose under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower and stroll the cobblestone streets hand in hand for a truly memorable vacation together. And while you and your partner are a perfect match, you may have different travelling styles — that’s where Monograms can help ensure you frolic the City of Light without fighting. Monograms can put together a couple-conscious vacation package with hand-selected hotels in the middle of the top attractions so you’ll spend time crossing must-see destinations off your list instead of wasting time crossing town. Make your trip to Paris one you’ll never forget, with tailored excursions and dining suited to your preferences, from VIP tours of the Palace of Versailles to an exciting Moulin Rouge Dinner Show. Don’t forget to ask your Local Host about hidden cafes for the perfect croissant or local favorites for authentic French cooking for that romantic dinner you both deserve.Sao Jorge Castle

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Lisbon, Portugal

Fun fact: Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest cities — it’s even older than Rome. So it’s the perfect place for history buffs to soak up everything from historic castles to monuments and museums. Known for its colorful architecture and world-class cuisine, Lisbon is also a great place to explore with a leisurely stroll or simply sipping coffee and listening to fado, the local folk music. An expertly planned trip from Monograms can help you enjoy the best of both worlds, combining the top attractions and simple pleasures of this alluring destination into the perfect personalized itinerary so you and your travel partner don’t have to compromise. Enjoy hand-selected hotels and hassle-free transportation so you can explore Lisbon from the moment you arrive. Climb to the Castle of Sao Jorge, visit Jeronimos Monastery and pose for a photo in front of the 16th-century Belem Tower. And while you can enjoy your vacation independently, a Monograms Local Host is always there if you need suggestions during your journey.

A Monograms Local Host offers personalized suggestions in London.

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London, England

Making the journey across the pond can be daunting, but Monograms makes your trip to London effortless with its hand-selected hotel, transportation, and sightseeing tours — so you can get started right after you step off the plane. With so much to see in this classic European vacation spot, having an expert local guide on-hand for a sightseeing tour means you can visit the must-see attractions like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, while getting insider knowledge only locals could share. If the major tourist attractions aren’t for everyone in your travel group, your Monograms Local Host can suggest museums, shopping, dining and more to make everyone happy. London is rich in history, with a little something every history buff can appreciate while others can indulge in some of the world’s best shopping from large department stores and luxury boutiques to quirky small shops. Monograms can help connect you with your destination, making your trip to London personalized to your interests.

Roman Colosseum, Rome, Italy

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Rome, Italy

When in Rome, do as the Romans do — and it’s even easier when you let the experts at Monograms personalize and plan your vacation to this awe-inspiring destination. With so much to see and do here — from the ancient structures and historical monuments to the world-class shopping and cuisine — it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to make your itinerary and keep everyone happy. A Monograms Local Host can help ensure you get the most out of your trip to Rome, whether you prefer the top tourist attractions or a low-key walking tour. There are some must-see iconic landmarks you simply can’t miss, such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and St. Peter’s Square and Basilica — but don’t think you’ll spend your day waiting in line. Monograms can secure VIP access, meaning you can skip the lines, see the best attractions and still have time to explore on your own. Your Local Host can share a few suggestions and help you arrange your activities too.

El Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain

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Madrid, Spain

See the best Spain with a personalized vacation of your dreams in Madrid. Monograms makes traveling smooth and uncomplicated with headache-free hotel and transportation arrangements, and the one-of-a-kind local host feature that makes your moments in Madrid memorable. This all-in-one vacation includes a guided tour with all the must-see attractions like the Cibeles Fountain, the Royal Palace and a look inside the Prado Museum, one of the world’s best-endowed museums. After a day of sightseeing, take some time to explore on your own. For those who like to relax, visit El Retiro Park to admire the lake, rose garden, fountains and statues. It’s a great compromise for laid-back travelers as well as history buffs, as this park dates back to 1600s. Can’t decide among all the attractions? Ask your Monograms Local Host for a few suggestions that can please everyone in your travel party.

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Venice, Italy

This Italian city is one of the most unique destinations in Europe, as it is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. The islands are separated by canals and connected by more than 400 bridges. So where would you start exploring this fascinating destination? Monograms offers unmatched insider guidance to plan the vacation of your dreams, personalizing everything from the hotel to the VIP sightseeing for a care-free — and car-free — Venice vacation. A guided tour with a local expert takes you to all the top attractions, like the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs and St. Mark’s Square and Basilica. When you go out and explore the city’s maze of alleys, shop for the perfect carnival mask or get spooked on a ghost tour. And your trip simply wouldn’t be complete without a ride on a traditional gondola as you’re serenaded through the canals of the city. With so much to do and choose from, Monograms helps create a vacation style families and couples can agree on.



Barcelona, Spain

This fascinating destination is one of Spain’s largest cities, and it’s also one of the most beautiful. With so much to explore in Barcelona, planning out your trip can be a daunting task and visitors can easily get overwhelmed. The travel experts at Monograms can help you narrow down your itinerary, making your trip to this amazing city a personalized and well-planned vacation that everyone in your party can enjoy — from the anxious travelers to the wanderers, and everyone in between. Monograms handles your hotel and transportation in the city, ensuring your only responsibility is to have fun. Sit back, relax and enjoy a sightseeing tour with a local guide to check off the major attractions, including an inside visit to Gaudi’s Casa Batlló, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to 1905. Set out on your own to visit Montserrat, a 1,000-year-old Benedictine monastery; explore the Picasso Museum; or simply relax on the beach or browse the unique markets. Whatever your pleasure, your Monograms Local Host can help guide you and your travel partner so everyone sees the best of this marvelous city.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge
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Florence, Italy

There’s so much to explore in the birthplace of the Renaissance that you’d practically have to relocate to Florence to experience it all. But if you don’t have that luxury, let the experts at Monograms save you time and money (and possibly your relationship), and plan the ultimate Italian getaway with a personalized itinerary to keep you and your travel partner happy the entire vacation. Florence is rich in history and artistic heritage, not to mention the mouth-watering food, world-famous museums, and magnificent architecture. Monograms will arrange hotel, transportation and a personalized sightseeing tour. Stop by the Academy of Fine Arts to admire Michaelangelo’s David, see Cathedral Square and the sculpture-studded Piazza della Signoria. And don’t worry, you’ll have VIP access to these must-see attractions during your sightseeing tour, so you can skip the line and save time for sipping wine and dining al fresco. When you go out on your own, consider venturing to nearby Pisa to take a picture with the Leaning Tower or stay close to town and tour the Uffizi Gallery to see works by da Vinci, Botticelli and Michaelangelo. Shoppers can browse the stores on the medieval Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence that has housed shops since the 13th century. Your Monograms Local Host can help you find something everyone in your party will want to explore.

Enjoy stress-free vacation planning with Monograms

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It’s not easy planning the perfect vacation, especially when you have to accommodate the desires of your travel partner or the diverse needs of your family. With the help of the travel experts at Monograms, you can take the stress out of planning and ensure everyone in your group has a great time. From hassle-free hotels to personalized itineraries, Monograms simplifies your journey, so all you have to worry about is enjoying your getaway. Experience the Monograms difference and start planning the perfect vacation!