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February 23, 2020

Why planning a Monograms travel holiday will blow your mind

By Claudia Laroye / Reposted from


You know how much of an independent traveller I am. Your gal is a serious DIYer who prides herself on her travel savvy, packing skills and punctuality. I love wandering new places and spaces and have no issue chatting up strangers for directions or advice. Above all, I am not a ‘tour group person.’

Or am I?

After my recent Monograms tour to Europe, I’m not so sure. I’ve been rethinking the kind of traveller I am. As a family traveller I am budget-conscious but like to spend on the important aspects of the travel experience. Things that save me time, add to my comfort and offer unique and authentic opportunities. I hate waiting in lines (so do my kids), need to know where I’m sleeping every night, and I want the inside scoop on what’s good in whatever city I’m in.

Monograms did all this for me. And more. They actually out-mom’ed me (is that even a word?!) by being incredibly well-organized, punctual and offering a top quality travel experience. And the best part is, anyone can experience this level of VIP service. Here’s why you should totally consider the better way to travel on a Monograms travel holiday.

Why Plan a Monograms Travel Holiday

Monograms Vacation Packages are All in One

The award-winning travel company Monograms is part of the Globus family of brands, one of the largest in the world. A Monograms vacation includes hotels, transportation between cities and countries of your choice, sightseeing, and 24/7 access to your Monograms Local Host and his/her expertise. All the little trip details are taken care of, leaving you to enjoy your curated experiences and independence equally.